May 15


The Heide Museum of Modern Art in Heidelberg, Victoria is currently running a clay challenge.

You need to use clay,

grade 1 clay 65

grade 1 clay 65

or plasticine, or playdoh and make an artwork inspired by one of the clay pieces from the Heide Collection.

John Perceval bowl with handle 1948

You photograph your work and then email it to Heide.


Merric Boyd bowl 1950


The link below will take you to the page on their website which has photos of their claywork to inspire you.


John Perceval goblets

There is a category for under 18 claywork entries and over 18 claywork entries.


Melindas Harper stoneware vessel 2007

I think the challenge only goes until the end of May so you will have to check the details for dates on their website.


Stephen Benwell vase 1991


Good luck with your entry!


melinda Hrper ceramic 6 2005


Mirka Mora untitled plate 1967


May 2

Grade 3 incised and decorated clay slabs

Last term, yes, in the incredibly hot weather, was when I was working with clay with Grade 3. The Main Art Room was a dustbowl for most of the term as the clay dried out and broke down so quickly but I had to persevere as we can only do clay activities in our Main Art Room. I thought I did pretty well as I only decided I couldn’t face it on one extremely hot afternoon, so that grade drew pictures with the air conditioner and fans on full blast!

The first skill to be learned was how to roll a slab to an even thickness, then we used tools and our fingers to incise into the clay as well as adding extra bits on using slip and correct joining technique. We worked on all these skills over a few weeks and this also gave us time to experiment with the type of picture we wanted to create on our slabs as we packed the clay back into a cube at the end of each session.

 I can’t stress enough how valuable it was to make time during each session to all walk around the tables (not touching, of course) and look at what everybody else was doing. The discussion after this was always intense and interesting and lots of children decided to try something new next week for their picture after they had seen what their fellow artists were doing. When I had photographed several of the slabs during these sessions I started to show these images to all the grade 3’s after we had looked at the work from their own group.

Most of the slabs in these photos were practice slabs and didn’t end up getting fired so I’m really glad I photographed them when I could!