April 30


Hello to all my Grade 4 students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

avatar Shelley Menhennet

I can’t believe it is Week 4 of remote learning already!

We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning around the topic of CELESTIAL BODIES!


If you haven’t done the Week 3 activity yet please go back to Week 3 HERE.

Did you email your rough draft to me last week?

If you haven’t done that yet send it to me by email so I can put it onto the blog post. If you want to look at everybody else’s rough drafts, that is where they are, on last week’s blog post. Go to where it says HERE up above and it will take you there!

So by now you have looked at lots of images of celestial bodies and you have drawn 4 rough drafts as well.

celestial bodies artwork

If you want to look at more celestial bodies artworks go to my Pinterest board.

This week I would like to see 2 ideas for your own celestial bodies art work. You are NOT making the final art work yet. You are just working on 2 different ideas. How can you produce an artwork that has more than one celestial body in it? How can you put them together? Or perhaps you just want to create one of the celestial bodies? What will you use?

Fold a piece of paper in half so you have two spaces.

Draw up 2 different ideas for your final art work. You can use a bit of colour this time but REMEMBER this is NOT your final piece. This is just working on two different ideas!

What art materials will you use? Are you going to draw your final piece?

Pencils? Textas? Crayons? Oil pastels? Watercolour pencils?

Do you have any paint?

What have you got at home that you can use?

Perhaps you want to try to make a 3D artwork?

Playdoh? Plasticine or modelling clay?

Or you could make salt dough? But ask your parents permission first!

Salt Dough Recipe


  • I cup salt
  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 1 cup hot water


  1. Add salt and plain flour to a bowl gradually adding hot water. You might not need all the water!
  2. Mix together until a dough forms. Make sure it isn’t sticky.
  3. Leave your salt dough creations to air dry overnight. Then put your salt dough creations in the oven at 120 degrees Celsius for about 3 hours.
  4. When your salt dough creations are cool you can paint them. If you don’t have gloss paint and you want them to look shiny you can paint them with varnish when the paint is dry. If you don’t have any varnish just paint them with PVA glue. This will also make them nice and shiny.

What else have you got that you could use?

Lego? Other construction materials?

Scrap cardboard?

Anything else?

I am not asking you to rush out and buy materials to use for this task. Use what you already have at home.

And this week you are just coming up with 2 ideas, not actually doing the final piece. Do a drawing of your idea and write down what you think you might use to make it.  Do this TWICE!

And remember, it is OKAY to change your mind!

You need to think like an artist and not see changing your mind as making a mistake, because it is NOT. It is just that you came up with a better idea!

And that’s it!

Photograph your paper, with two different ideas on it, with your device, and email it to me.


I look forward to seeing your interesting ideas.


Mrs Menhennet

Here they are!

Taimoor 4B cb2

Nash 4B cb2

Khloe 4D cb2

Kelly 4D cb2

Eliza 4C cb2

yevin 4E cb 2

Aydin 4D cb2

Cathy 4C cb2

Reshmi 4D cb2

Reshmi 4D cb2

Vanshika 4F cb2

Amelia 4E cb2

Jiya 4B cb2

Brydon 4E cb2

gavin 4D cb2

Swathi 4F cb2

Tyson 4A cb2

Mehek 4A cb2

Tahila 4C cb2

Jasper 4D cb2

Simra 4A cb@

Malakey 4F cb2

Tyrone 4F cb2

Tyrone 4F cb 2a

Abdul 4B cb2

Mehtab 4F cb2b

Mehtab 4F cb2a


Amelie 4E cb2





Anna 4D cb2




Swathi 4F cb

Jowan 4C cb2

Vivienne 4A cb2

Maddison 4E cb2

Abdul 4E cb2

Charli 4D cb2

Abdul 4B cb2

Thraya 4F CB2

Tayla 4A cb2

Martina 4B cb2

Ashvin 4E cb2

Claire 4F cb2

Neil 4A cb2

Ramsha 4D cb2

Amitoj 4A cb2

Amitoj 4A cb2a

Ramsha 4D cb2

Japreet 4D cb2

Charli 4D cb2

Jowan 4C cb2


Adrita 4F cb2

Shreyan 4C cb2

Ramsha 4D cb2

Amitoj 4A cb2

Amitoj 4A cb

Amitoj 4A cb2

Gavin 4 cb2

Thraya 4F cb2

Tayla G 4A cb2

Kelly 4D cb2

Nash H 4 cb2

Eliza 4C cb2

Claire 4 cb2


April 21


Here you will find a gallery of artworks created by Grade 5 students at Cambridge Primary School over the past few weeks.

Face multicoloured hair curved coloured paper strips fringe of small multicoloured paper squares large circular eyes with black irises short straight black eyelashes multicoloured small striped nose wearing bow tie no mouth curious expression

Aaliyah 5D 1 Face with multicoloured hair and nose wearing bowtie

This includes any artworks created over the two weeks of the school holidays when these students were, like most of the rest of us, confined to home.

Manga style drawing male character wearing surgical mask with coronavirus bright green floating around the character

Marko 5B 1 drawing

Aditi 5F 2 Constructed cardboard semi circular cradle for pencil storage decorated to look like a watermelon slice full of pencils and markers laying left and right

Aditi 5F 2 Constructed cardboard semi circular cradle for pencil storage decorated to look like a watermelon slice

It also includes artworks created during Week 1 and 2 of term 2 2020. The Visual Arts task for Week 2 for all grade 3/4/5/6/E students was to think about the many creative ways the students have used their time over the past few weeks and to send me photos of these creative artworks. Perhaps they have been drawing, knitting, painting, making models, crocheting, making jewellery, printing, constructing, cutting, making collages, etc, etc, etc???

grey lead pencil drawing mermaid on a rock in the moonlight

Danielle 5F 1 grey lead pencil drawing

3D freesstanding block capital letter A collaged with multicoloured patterned paper scraps and washi tape

Aaliyah 5D 1 3D block letter A collaged with patterned paper and washi tape

I will continue to update these online galleries on this blog as students send photos of their artworks to me by email.

Lego model of cafe counter with cappuccino machine barista cupcakes and more

Aaliyah 5D 2 Lego model of cafe counter with cappuccino machine barista cupcakes and more

The students will be delighted if you leave a comment or a question about their artwork.

grey lead pencil and bright blue and red marker drawing superhero cartoon Super Cup

Aaliyah 5D 4 Superhero comic Super Cup


Shell Menhennet

Painted sea shell black royal blue maroon covered in silver glitter

Aaliyah 5D 6 Painted sea shell black royal blue maroon covered in silver glitter

grey lead pencil drawing female character on stage with footlights stage lights and confetti flying around

Aaliyah 5D 5 grey lead pencil drawing female character on stage with footlights stage lights and confetti flying around

manga style drawing koala in a tree

Marko 5B 3 drawing

manga style drawing male character wearing peaked cap

Marko 5B 2 drawing

Coloured pencil drawings enhanced stick figure clown with large friendly face bunch of balloons happy girl eating yellow spaghetti from red bowl

Aaliyah 5D 3 Coloured pencil drawing enhanced stick figure clown with large head girl eating spaghetti from a bowl

mango style drawing male character exaggerated sports shoe size on feet

Marko 5B 4 drawing

Drawing multi scooped ice cream cone How is ice cream made? Explanatory text written on the vanilla scoops of ice cream Chocolate strawberry pistachio scoops yellow cone with orange lines to form diamond pattern on cone brown cylindrical wafer yum

Aditi 5F 1 Drawing of multi scooped ice cream cone How is ice cream made?

manga style drawing female character carrying best teacher trophy in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other

Marko 5B 5 drawing

drawing coloured pencil 5 small quirky characters multicoloured apple crazy eyes tonhgue sticking out square minion yellow blue

Aaliyah 5D 3 5 drawing small quirky characters

Drawing manga style character carrying watermelons pink face mask over eyes

Marko 5B 6 drawing

pastel rainbow painted sea shell

Aaliyah 5D 8 pastel painted rainbow sea shell


3 folded squares mint green lemon pale pink small drawings over folded part of paper sunbaking tropical fruit on lemon sloth and bunch of balloons floating away on pale pink hello with cute white face for O on mint green

Aaliyah 5D 9 3 folded squares with small drawings on the folded parts of the square

drawing manga style male character moustache balding

Marko 5B 8 drawing

Manga style drawing of male character

Marko 5B 9 drawing

grey lead pencil drawing of a toddler including photo on phone the drawing was copied from

Marko 5B 10grey lead pencil drawing of a toddler

Nathan 5E 1

Ethan 5E 1

Diamond art tiger

Mya 5C 1

Mya 5C 2

Ethan 5E 2

Ethan 5E 3

Mya 5C 3

Thinuli 5E 1

Mikayla 5A 1

Ahmed 5F 1

Neil 5A 1

Neil 5A 2

Mia 5B 1

Hannah Rose 5A 3

Hannah Rose 5A 2

Hannah Rose 5A 1

Mia 5B 2

Kethan 5D 1

Zaina 5A 1

Yethmini 5E

Yethmini 5E image

Hannah Rose 5A cu2

hannah Rose 5A cu1