July 16

GRADE 1 WEEK 2 TERM 3 2020

GRADE 1 WEEK 2 TERM 3 2020



Hello to all my Grade 1 students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

hello word in block letters with exaggerated 3D shadows

This is week 2 of Term 3 2020 and all my Grade 1 students are at home!

This is not the way I usually work with Grade 1 students to teach them about Visual Arts but we will be doing this for a few weeks until it is safe to attend school again.

Until then, we will be learning like this – online – using my blog!

You will remember me from our time in the art room together last year.

Yes, it’s me – Mrs Menhennet! Most Cambridge Primary School students that know me, recognise me by my multicoloured hair!!!

Cambridge Primary School students always ask me, “Mrs Menhennet, how come you have all those colours in your hair?”

And I always tell them, “I don’t know. It just grew like that!”


We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning around the topic of  colour !

  •  To introduce the order of the colours of the rainbow.

  • To remind students of  the elements needed for a rainbow to occur in the sky.

  • To introduce the audio function on my blog post.

  • To read along with Mrs Menhennet as she reads the blog post aloud.

  •  I watch and listen to the video song about Roy G Biv.

  • I can create a rainbow scene artwork with the colours of the rainbow in order.

  • I can create a rainbow scene artwork including the elements needed for a rainbow to occur.

  • I can play the audio function  on the blog post and read along with Mrs Menhennet.

Let’s get started!

We are going to be drawing a rainbow soon so you will need some paper,


some pencils,

or crayons,

or textas.

Some people call textas, markers.

I am going to give you a little bit of time to organise yourself.

I will just sit here on my blog and wait for you to collect some pencils and textas or crayons and some paper.

The size of the paper or what sort of paper it is doesn’t really matter.

So I will just wait until you are ready……..

Oh, you are ready already! That was so fast! Well done!

So while you were getting ready to draw I found a fantastic song to share with you so let’s watch the video.

If you need to stop the video at anytime you can just press the pause button

and then come back to the story.

Oh, okay, okay, you already knew that! I’m sorry I forgot how clever Cambridge Primary School Grade 1 students are!



I will not be surprised if you end up watching that song over and over again.

So what was that little elf’s name?

Yes, that’s right! His name is Roy G Biv.

Roy G Biv.

That’s a very unusual name.

Why do you think he is called Roy G Biv?

Oh, you are too clever.

His name is Roy G Biv because the letters of his name are the colours of the rainbow, in order.

R is for red.

O is for orange.

Y is for yellow.

G is for green.

B is for blue.

I is for indigo.

And V is for violet.

So, if you remember the name Roy G Biv you will remember the order of the colours of the rainbow.


Now, as much as I like the video we just watched and I think the song is fantastic, I don’t like the way they show the colour indigo.

On the video indigo looks like a weird sort of pinky purple when indigo is actually a dark, dark, dark purply blue.

I always describe indigo as being the darkest purply blue of the sky in the evening, just before the sky turns black.

It is a much, much darker blue than the navy blue of our school uniforms.

So now you know all about the order of the colours of the rainbow I want you to draw a fantastic picture of a rainbow but

I don’t just want a picture of a rainbow. This is grade 1 so I want you using your brain and think really hard!

What do we need for a rainbow to appear in the sky? Do you know?

Yes, we need rain!

What else do we need?

Yes, we need the sun!

And there is something else we need. What could it be?

We have the sun and the rain but there is something else we need and it’s a little bit tricky!

Have a think!

Yes, you are too clever. We need clouds as well.

If there weren’t any clouds in the sky it wouldn’t be raining so we need clouds in the sky too.

Okay, so when you do your rainbow drawing I expect to see rain, the sun and clouds or there wouldn’t be a rainbow in your drawing. Does that make sense?

And when we are talking about what we need for a rainbow to appear in the sky we are actually doing Science while we are doing Visual Arts! Wow!

So I want to HEAR you say that you know we are doing Science during Visual Arts. So say it after me. “That’s Science in Visual Arts!”

Wait a minute! That was a bit too quiet. Say it after me, “That’s Science in Visual Arts!”

Hmmm, that was still too quiet. You are in your house and I am in my house so you are going to have to shout it for me to hear you so shout it after me, “That’s Science in Visual Arts!!!”

Wow! That was so loud my ears just fell off!

Right I’ve just stuck my ears back on so we can continue.

Before we start drawing I want you to think about the rainbow being shaped like a hump or an arch.

Sometimes, my students, when drawing a rainbow, start with a teeny tiny arch and they find they can’t fit all the colours into their rainbow as it is just too squishy.

Also a teeny, tiny rainbow might just look way too small on your paper so I don’t want you to draw a teeny tiny rainbow.

I want you to draw a great BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS rainbow on your paper!

So, let’s practice using your magic finger.

Hold up your magic finger!

Wave it around in the air!

Make sure it is switched on!

Let’s test it out. Draw a small circle in the air.

Draw a large square in the air.

Write your name in the air.

Write your name 3 times really fast in the air!

Oh, you are faster than me as my name is soooooo looooong!

Now put your magic finger in the air and draw an arch.

Okay, so now we know it is working use your magic finger to draw a very small arch on your paper. Your magic finger is fantastic to practice drawing with as it draws invisibly and you never have to rub it out!

Now draw an arch  a little bit bigger with your magic finger on your paper.

Now draw a really big arch on your paper with your magic finger.

By practising that arch shape with your magic finger I hope you will end up drawing a nice large rainbow on your paper.

So your drawing needs to include a large rainbow, the sun, rain and clouds. You can even include a little Roy G Biv elf if you want!

But this is grade 1 so that is not all.

I don’t want to see any white paper gaps in your drawing.

Do you remember last year when we were painting and I told you I didn’t want any white paper gaps in your painting? Well this is just like that.

If you draw a really large rainbow, with all it’s colours in order.

And you draw the sun and lots of clouds and rain and Roy G Biv, there shouldn’t be much space left anyway.

But if there is white space left on your paper I want you to think about what you can draw to fill the space so your drawing is complete.

So, let’s make a list of what you need to draw –

  • a really big rainbow with all the colours in order

  • the sun

  • lots of clouds

  • lots of rain

  • an elf called Roy G Biv, if you want

  • no white paper gaps

Have fun,

Mrs Menhennet

Here are the grade 1 student rainbows!


Reyansh 1G rainbow 2020

Aahil 1G rainbow 2020

Aarushi r 1G ainbow 2020

Reyansh 1G rainbow 2 2020

Bhavreet 1G rainbow 2020

George 1G rain bow 2020

Atmika 1G rainbow scene 2020

Riley 1G rainbow 2020

Dylan 1G rqinbow 2020

Thomas 1G rainbow 2020

Aliya 1G rainbow 2020

Mishca 1G rainbow 2020

Aahil 1G rainbow 2 2020

Enaya 1G rainbow 2020

Zacharry 1G rainbow 2020

Zane 1 F rainbow 2020

Vohan 1F rainbow 2020

Raam 1F rainbow 2020

Saazdeep 1F rainbow 2020

Connor 1F rainbow 2020

Peyton 1 F rainbow 2020

Anjali 1F rainbow 2020

Akhila 1F rainbow 2020

Ashvath 1F rainbow 2020

Hadi 1F rainbow 2020

Logan 1F rainbow 2020

Natalie 1F rainbow 2020

Zain 1F rainbow 2 2020

Aala 1F rainbow 2020

Malakai 1A rasinbow 2020

josh 1D rainbow 2020

Blake 1D rainbow 2020

Josh 1D rainbow 2 2020

Ricky 1D rainbow 2020

Rithul 1D rainbow 2020

Bilal 1D rainbow 2020

Harrison 1D rainbow 2020

Bei Bei 1D rainbow 2020

Jon 1D rainbow 2020

Ruvee 1D rainbow 2020

Navitha 1D rainbow 2020

Lewis 1D rainbow 2020

Kiara 1D rainbow 2020

Aggam 1E rainbow 2020

Ebony 1E rainbow 2020

Aria 1E rainbow 2020

Sam 1E rainbow 2020

Liam 1E rainbow 2020

Oscar 1E rainbow 2020

Flynn 1E rainbow 2020

Aydin 1E rainbow 2020

Austin 1E rainbow 2020

Mason 1E rainbow 2020