July 16

GRADE 2 WEEK 2 TERM 3 2020

GRADE 2 WEEK 2 TERM 3 2020


Press pause on the audio file whenever you need to stop.

Hello to all my Grade 2 students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

hello word in block letters with exaggerated 3D shadows

This is week 2 of Term 3 2020 and all my Grade 2 students are at home!

This is not the way I usually work with Grade 2 students to teach them about Visual Arts but we will be doing this for a few weeks until it is safe to attend school again.

Until then, we will be learning like this – online – using my blog!

You will remember me from our time in the art room together last year.

Yes, it’s me – Mrs Menhennet! Most Cambridge Primary School students that know me, recognise me by my multicoloured hair!!!

Cambridge Primary School students always ask me, “Mrs Menhennet, how come you have all those colours in your hair?”

And I always tell them, “I don’t know. It just grew like that!”


We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning about the English artist David Hockney and his paintings of water and swimming pools!

  • For students to explore the artworks of English artist David Hockney.

  • For students to experiment and explore drawing  their body moving in water.

  • To introduce the audio function on my blog post.

  • To read along with Mrs Menhennet as she reads the blog post aloud.


  • I can view and think about the artworks of David Hockney.

  • I can experiment and explore drawing my body moving in water.

  • I can play the audio function  on the blog post and read along with Mrs Menhennet.

Let’s get started!

David Hockney is an artist who comes from Yorkshire in England in the United Kingdom.

This map shows where Yorkshire is in the United Kingdom.

This map of the world shows where the United kingdom is in relation to Australia.

He was born on the 9th July in 1937. So that means a couple of week’s ago he had his 83rd birthday!

That’s a lot of candles!

This is a photo of David Hockney sitting in a chair and two self portraits.

One of these is from 2003 when he was 67.

One is from 1954 when he was 17.

One is from 1970 when he was 33.

Can you figure out which one is which?


I’ll give you some thinking time to see if you can figure it out.

Yes, that’s right! The self portrait of him wearing the red scarf is from when he was 17. He first decided he wanted to be an artist when he was 11.

The photo of him in the chair, dressed so colourfully in a pink checked suit with bright red and green socks, is from when he was 33,

And the self portrait of him painting is from when he was 67.

Well done if you got those correct.

And now David Hockney is 83 years old and he is still painting and creating!

Way back in the 1960s, about 50 years ago, David Hockney travelled to the United States and flew into the airport in sunny California from cold and wintery England.

He was amazed at all the bright blue rectangles he could see out of the plane window as they were coming in to land.

What were those bright blue rectangles he could see?

Yes, swimming pools!

So David Hockney started painting pools, and people swimming, in the bright California sunshine.

This one is called, “A bigger splash”.

This painting always makes me feel like it is an extremely hot day.

The bright blue cloudless sky is almost shimmering in the heat.


The paving around the pool would feel hot under my feet and I would hop and skip my way around the pool knowing that the deep blue water would cool my feet down.


What is that yellowy rectangle jutting out over the water?

Yes, it is a diving board! What has just happened in this painting?

Someone has walked along the board, bounced a little on the end, and dived into the pool!

All we can see now is the splash flying up into the air.

We can’t see the swimmer at all, as they have already slithered and slipped away, under the surface of the cool blue water.

It’s almost like David Hockney was using his canvas as a photograph to capture that moment of the splash.

And that is what David Hockney discovered there on the side of the pool.

The splashes are always different.


The water is always moving.

Lines painted in the pool bend in the water.

There are shadows in the water.

Swimming bodies look different to standing or walking bodies.


And swimming bodies make strange, sometimes blurry shapes in the water.

So David Hockney started creating paintings of swimming pools and swimmers and water and nearly every time he painted the water it was different.

He wasn’t afraid to try new ways of doing things and experimented and tried new ways to paint water.


We are going to be drawing soon so you will need some paper,


some pencils,

or crayons,

or textas.

Some people call textas, markers.

I am going to give you a little bit of time to organise yourself.

I will just sit here on my blog and wait for you to collect some pencils and textas or crayons and some paper.

The size of the paper or what sort of paper it is doesn’t really matter.

So I will just wait until you are ready……..

Oh, you are ready already! That was so fast! Well done!

Let’s look at this painting again.

This painting is called, “Pool with two figures.”

The man on the side of the pool is looking down at the swimmer. I wonder what he is thinking?

His body is positioned very differently to the swimmer. his arms are flat by his sides.

His back is straight. His neck is bent, his eyes looking down at the water.

Even though we can’t see his eyes we know that is what he is doing.

Now let’s look at the swimmer. Is his body standing straight with arms at the sides?

No! His arms are stretching out in front of his head.

I think he is reaching for the end of the pool. Soon he will feel the smooth tiles under his fingers and he will know he is there.

Will he pull his head up out of the water and look at his friend standing there?

Or will he do a quick flip and tumble over in the water to swim back the other way? Will he surprise his friend standing there watching, and splash him?

I want you to draw a picture of yourself swimming in water but

this is GRADE 2 so I want you using your brain and thinking  hard before you start!

Close your eyes.

Yes, I said close your eyes.

I want you to think…… close your eyes!


I want you to think about….. Close your eyes!!!

My SUPER ART TEACHER POWERS are telling me you are peeking and I want you to get drawing, so close your eyes!

I want you to stand nice and tall and straight like the man on the side of the pool.

Are you standing? Arms down by your side and your head slightly bent.

I have just used my SUPER ART TEACHER POWERS and you are now moving in SLOW MOTION.


Your head is still bent forward and you start to slowly bend your whole body forward, slowly, slowly and topple into the pool with all your clothes on!

How do you feel?

Get your head up out of the water so you can breathe!

You are no longer moving in slow motion but you are very relaxed  and floating in the water. How do your arms and legs move when you are just floating in the water?

They just sort of blob along with the movement of the water, don’t they? It’s very relaxing as this pool water is warm. So it is a bit like blobbing along in a gigantic warm bath.

Now slowly and gently get yourself into a swimming position. Off you go, swimming in the wonderfully soothing warm water.

What are your arms doing?

How are your legs moving?

How does the water affect your hair? Does your hair move in the water?

You can open your eyes now!

Now you are ready to DRAW!

I want you to draw yourself floating in water.

Sometimes, when my students start drawing they start with a teeny tiny drawing because they are not too sure about what they are doing.

 I don’t want you to draw a teeny tiny picture of yourself. The drawing of the body below is way too small.

Grade 3 David Hockney style swimmer painting drawing 64


I want you to draw a great BIG picture of yourself floating in water on whatever sized paper you have!

Grade 3 David Hockney style swimmer painting drawing 61

So, let’s practice using your magic finger.

Hold up your magic finger!

Wave it around in the air!

Make sure it is switched on!

Let’s test it out. Draw a small circle in the air.

Draw a large square in the air.

Write your name in the air.

Write your name 3 times really fast in the air!

Oh, you are faster than me as my name is soooooo looooong!

Now put your magic finger in the air and draw your body.

Okay, so now we know it is working use your magic finger to draw a very small picture of yourself on your paper. Your magic finger is fantastic to practice drawing with as it draws invisibly and you never have to rub it out!

Now draw yourself floating in water  a little bit bigger with your magic finger on your paper.

Now draw yourself really big on your paper with your magic finger.

By practising with your magic finger I hope you will end up drawing yourself nice and large on your paper.


You can use lots of colour if you like but even if you just use a pencil for this drawing that will be fine. This is just practice so please don’t be too critical of yourself if you don’t think it is perfect. Please keep your drawing so we can look at it again next week.

Have fun,

Mrs Menhennet

Grade 2 Week 2 2020 Swimming in water first drawing.

April 21


Here you will find a gallery of artworks created by Grade 6 students at Cambridge Primary School over the past few weeks.

Painting on glass ANZAC images

Jimmy 6D 2 Painting on glass ANZAC images

Painting on recycled glass jars ANZAC images tealights lit inside

Jimmy 6D 4 Painting on recycled glass jars ANZAC images tealights lit inside

This includes any artworks created over the two weeks of the school holidays when these students were, like most of the rest of us, confined to home.


Painting on glass ANZAC red poppy images

Jimmy 6D 1 painting on glass jars with ANZAC and red poppy images

Painting on recycled glass jars ANZAC images red poppies soldiers tea lights inside

Jimmy 6D 3 Painting on recycled glass jars ANZAC images

Painting on recycled glass jars ANZAC images tealights lit inside

Jimmy 6D 6 Painting on recycled glass jars ANZAC images tealights lit inside

It also includes artworks created during Week 1 and 2 of term 2 2020. The Visual Arts task for week 2 for all grade 3/4/5/6/E students was to think about the manycreative ways the students have used their time over the past few weeks and to send me photos of these creative artworks. Perhaps they have been drawing, knitting, painting, making models, crocheting, making jewellery, printing, constructing, cutting, making collages, etc, etc, etc ???

Coloured Marker drawing Welcome Ramamdan Grade 6

Zunaira 6C 6 Texta Colour drawing Welcome Ramadan

I will continue to update these online galleries on this blog as students send photos of their artworks to me by email.

Pale pink long rectangle of knitting on needles hands at work

Zunaira 6C 3 pale pink knitting

Painting sunset yellow orange pink ombre sky palm tree sea

Tayla 6D 1 Painting sunset

The students will be delighted if you leave a comment or a question about their artwork.

Watercolour pencil drawing tropical beach pam tree shadow blue water fluffy clouds blue sky paradise

Zunaira 6C 5 Watercolour pencil drawing tropical beach palm tree shadow


Shell Menhennet

Watercolour pencil drawing colourful bunch of balloons

Zunaira 6C 1 Watercolour pencil drawing colourful bunch of balloons

Pencil drawing It's OK to be different fork in path many shaded dots one dot travels alone

Zunaira 6C 4 pencil drawing It’s OK to be different

oil pastel rainbow drawing with masked off areas using tape.

Zunaira 6C 2 oil pastel rainbow with white taped off resist areas

Colouring coloured pencils patterned turtle mindfulness

Stephanie 6C 2 Coloure pencils patterned turtle

Coloured pencil landscape Sunset over a mountain range

Stephanie 6C 1 Coloured pencil landscape drawing Sunset over a mountain range

beach landscape

Adiya 6B 1

two acrylic painted canvases, girl on tree swing silhouette in moonlight, bright coloured irregular shapes created with masking tape on pink background

Stephanie 6C 3 Acrylic paint on canvases girl on tree swing silhouette moon and sky, bright coloured shapes created by masking taped areas pink background

Aayan 6E 3

Naija 6E 1

Naija 6E 2

Aayan 6E 2

Aayan 6E 1

Elise 6B 1

stitched and stuffed hearts in felt baby pink and lime green

Elise 6B 2

Avocado character wiping it's brow


objects as characters serve of fries icecream piece of cake

Elise 6B 4

assorted objects as characters doughnut sundae ice cream cone

Elise 6B 5

Tyrell 6A 1

Emme 6D 1

Emme 6D 2

Darragh 6D 1

Darragh 6D 2

Charlotte 6D 7

Charlotte 6D 6

Charlotte 6D 5

Charlotte 6D 4

Charlotte 6D 3

Charlotte 6D 2

Charlotte 6D 1

Riley 6B 1

Charlee 6A 1

Charlee 6A 2

Charlee 6A 3

Charlee 6A 4

Charlee 6A 5

Charlee 6A 6

Charlee 6A 7

Tommy 6A artwork 2

Sithika 6B 1