April 27



Oh, my poor neglected blog!


I have missed you so much!

missed you sand

My plans for  blogging regularly in the Christmas school holidays just went out the window and it is nearly May! First term has already come and gone, and it is time for this weary old Art Specialist to almost start my first semester reports!!!! Admittedly I have been ill intermittently but I have had SO MUCH admin/paper work to do for school it has been nothing short of insane!

more paperwork

Here in Victoria we are changing curriculum from AusVels to the Australian Curriculum so all our planning documents have had to be updated accordingly but at my school I have also had to update/alter/change/reinvent so much that has to be handed in to be checked, that it feels like it’s all I’ve been doing. Teaching – what teaching????


So my plan is to finish uploading all my stuff from 2013 so I can get stuck into uploading all the magnificent work the children have been doing in 2014. I will severely restrict myself to the briefest amount of text I can get away with and if people need extra info about a certain activity they will just have to email me and ask me – otherwise I might never get it all uploaded where it belongs.

I have spent time on my Pinterest boards lately – seriously, I use them EVERY DAY at school –  and this seems to have had an unexpected, but very pleasant affect, as all of a sudden I have about 1700 followers on Pinterest – WOW!


I hope my Pinterest followers all come over and look at my blog sometime!

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Thanks for reading and I’m so glad I’m back!


October 6


I have been whiling away the hours today on my favouite place on the net –PINTEREST!


Yes, today I made the decision that my Art board was too big and difficult to find things on so I began the process of making a whole heap of smaller art boards relating to particular topics I know I will use, For example,

 Art ideas Textiles


Art Ideas Drawing


and I even made some for particular artists

 Art ideas Van Gogh


Art Ideas Paul Klee

Of course, they are nowhere near finished so I have just added another job to my ever increasing, all my own fault, list of things to do!!!

I have now decided that I must be insane as the term holidays are over and I should be in bed!!!