April 2


For several years now I have been using a scrap book as a Visual Arts Journal for my students from grade 1-6. I know some art teachers prefer a fancier, more expensive, drawing book to use as an art journal but I have found a scrapbook that has almost cartridge quality paper in it for a scrapbook price, so that’s what I use.

I don’t send these Visual Arts journals home at the end of the year unless they are full. I only have my students now for one semester each year and they don’t get enough opportunity to use them and it is just a waste to send them home with only a few pages worked on. The students also like to look over old drafts and artworks and reflect, and giggle, about how much they have improved over time.

So at the start of each school year they work on a journal cover concept that is just for that year level and this makes the 800+ journals I store in the art room easily identifiable so they can be put away in the correct place if they get lost. The journal covers when complete are covered in clear contact (sticky backed plastic) to protect the student’s hard work. As they use the art journals for more than one year they just glue the new year cover on top of the old one.


This is the design brief for my grade 6 journal cover.

  • choose an A5 photocopied artwork (this year I had 20 different artworks to choose from)
  • choose an A4 piece of coloured cover paper for the background of your cover
  • each grade 6 journal cover must include your name and grade. This MUST be easy to read as although you are creating an artistic cover it still has to function as a cover!
  • each grade 6 journal cover must include an easy to read title, eg: Art/Art Journal/Art Book
  • the A5 colour photocopied art work must be altered in some way as part of your overall cover design, eg: cut it, tear it, draw on it, collage with it, etc

Why were there 20 artworks to choose from this year? Every year the choice grows as I add the current artist that we are looking at, this year it was MC Escher, and if any student asks for a particular artwork, I also add that to the list of those available. These were the choices for 2019.

Australian Art

  • Ghost Gums, Central Australia                    Albert Namatjira
  • Slumbering Sea, Mentone  1887                           Tom Roberts
  • Shearing the rams   1890                                       Tom Roberts
  • Angel   1988                                                              Deborah Halpern
  • Ship of fools  2011                                                   Deborah Halpern
  • Wings of life 2014                                                   Dave Behrens
  • Self Portrait    2013                                                 Dave Behrens

International Art

  • Broadway Boogie Woogie  1942-43                       Piet Mondrian
  •   The parakeet and the mermaid 1952                 Matisse
  • Mona Lisa                                                                  Leonardo da Vinci
  • The arrival of Spring in Woldgate 2011                David Hockney
  • Child with a dove   1901                                          Pablo Picasso
  • Weeping Woman   1937                                          Pablo Picasso
  • The Scream              1893                                         Edvard Munch
  • Sinbad the Sailor      1928                                        Paul Klee
  • Castle and sun           1928                                        Paul Klee
  • Sky and water 1          1938                                       MC Escher
  • Miradauro                   1958                                        MC Escher
  • The Starry Night        1889                                       Vincent Van Gogh
  • The Church at Auvers           1890                            Vincent Van Gogh

I am always blown away by the ideas the students come up with.

What do you think of these?

The students finish off with a self assessment rubric. They also assess the cover of a peer using the same rubric. If you would like a copy of this rubric please email me and I will send it to you.

Thanks for looking and a comment would be appreciated.


Shell Menhennet

March 31




Wings Cambridge Primary School 2019

Have you been in the main hallway lately? Our beautiful wings are finished, made up of all those incredible feathers that the 3/4/5/6 students and staff worked on at the start of the year. Our wings, like Street Artist Kelsey Montague’s, are interactive as there is a gap in the middle of the wings for you to fit and have your photo taken! Don’t forget to bring your device with you when you come in to have a look! I will email some photos to Kelsey Montague so she can see how her street art inspired us!

Wings Cambridge Primary School 2019

Kelsey Montague wings Nashville TennesseeI have started photographing the students standing at the wings, looking as if they belong to them and they are about to fly away!

Please remember that the feathers are made of paper so they should not be touched while you are looking at them. And thanks to Mrs Naushabah Shahzad for helping put the wings together!

Thank you



The students have been waiting sooooooooo long for the new Art Ambassadors to be announced as Mrs Menhennet was waiting for the next grade 3-6 assembly to do it. Finally, we had an upper school assembly on Monday afternoon – and Mrs Menhennet wasn’t at school to make the announcement! AAAAGGGGHHHH!

So rather than make the students wait any longer here is the list!

Congratulations to

Dinali 5A                      Brooke 5B                    Steph 5B

Zunaira 5A                   Asees 5B.                    Aleena 5F

Inaaya 5A                    Julia 5B                        Sithika 5F

Chelsea 6A                  Amber 6A                     Rishit 6B


New Art Ambassadors need to see Mrs Menhennet to get their badge!

I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of Expressions of Interest that were submitted for these important student leadership positions. I’m just very sorry that I couldn’t give everybody that applied a position.

I went to the MC Escher EXHIBITION at THE NGV!

The MC Escher exhibition at the NGV is a collaboration Japanese design company NENDO.

Nendo did an exceptional job of incorporating Escher’s art style into the overall design of the exhibition. The Escher artworks came from a special museum in Holland.

Art ambassador 2019 Emma

The exhibition includes many of Escher’s artworks from realistic pieces to more geometric mind boggling ones! The exhibition has a fantastic and interesting design and layout that you would never have seen before.

There is an awesome gift shop located at the end of the exhibition. Some of the products there included posters, books, skateboards, drink bottles, magnets, postcards, notebooks and clothing. You will not regret going to the Escher X Nendo exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne – but you need to hurry – it closes on the 7th April!

By Emma Flower 6E CPS Art Ambassador


Thank you so much for all the donations that enhance our program. Throughout the year I will inform you of items that can be recycled through the art room. In the last week or so we have received:-

  • wool

  • ribbon

  • buttons

  • paint sample cards

  • assorted plastic lids

  • etc, etc, etc

 The art room would really like to receive some magazines to fill up our magazine bin that is used all over the school.

The fabric bins are absolutely full so we don’t need any more fabric until further notice.

reduce reuse recycle

Thank you,

Shelley Menhennet



March 31




Students in Grade 3/4/5/6 have been looking at short videos and prints of the incredible artwork of M.C.Escher this week. Many students have asked me for links to utilise at home so they can see more of his work. I have listed some links below.

MC Escher Lizards

Escher reptiles

I am hoping to attend the ESCHER X NENDO exhibition at NGV International in St Kilda Rd this weekend. It is on at the gallery until the 7th April and has 157 of Escher’s awe inspiring artworks on display.

Esher sphere reflection Escher Studio

The exhibition has been designed by NENDO, a design group from Japan and so many people have said to me that the way the exhibition has been set up is as amazing as the artwork itself!






Feathers and Art JOURNAL covers 

Students in grades 3/4/5/6 are finishing up their beautiful feathers which are going to be used to create a mural on the display boards in the main hallway. It is utterly amazing how different they all are and just holding a handful together is stunning. I can’t wait until we have 600 on the display boards!Wings feathers Cambridge Primary School 2019Wings feathers Cambridge Primary School 2019

Wings feathers Cambridge Primary School 2019

This is the photo of Kelsey Montague’s street art we looked at which is on a wall in the city of Nashville, Tennessee.  She has also painted a pair of wings at Melbourne Central in the city. I wonder if you can guess what is going to happen to all the feathers the students have been making.

Kelsey Montague wings Nashville Tennessee




Art journal covers are being worked on next with each grade level creating their journal cover in a different way. I am looking forward to getting some of these on display as well. Last year’s display was excellent but I’m sure this year’s will be even better!

grade 6 art journal 2018 Cambridge Primary School pencil shavings


Art room helpers  – The Art Room still needs more helpers! Don’t be shy! I have plenty of art journals that need to be covered and display boards that need to be covered and pictures that need to be laminated, etc, etc, etc. You don’t have to book in for the time that your child is in the Art room and you don’t need any special skills, just a willingness to help out, and some time to do it.


Just see Mrs Menhennet for details.


What is an Art AMBASSADOR?

Being an Art Ambassador is an important and enjoyable leadership position. We help organise the materials in the art room like paints, pencils and textas as well as sort and store art work. We help clean during clay work by swe

Art ambassador 2019 Emma

eping up the dust and putting out clay mats. We clean and look after equipment like paint brushes so other students don’t have to do it in their art sessions. We help put up displays in the corridors and make display labels for them. The displays

always look stunning when we have finished! In 2018 the displays included things like clay work, the teeny tiny artworks, signs made by the Preps with plastic lids and many others. We even sometimes write up articles for the school newsletter!

By Emma Flower 6E CPS Art Ambassador

New ART AMBASSADORS announced soon 

Thank you to all the students in grade 5 and 6 that have applied to be Art Ambassadors in 2019. Applications have now closed and the new ambassadors will be announced soon. J


Our students and Art Ambassadors work hard to make and display our art work and we like to brighten up the hallways so they don’t look dull and boring. Please demonstrate our Cambridge Primary School value of RESPECT and respect other students work by NOT TOUCHING the displays. YoArt Ambassador Laurau are more than welcome to look and talk quietly about the artworks you can see but PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!

By Laura Jolley 6C CPS Art Ambassador J


Thank you so much for all the donations that enhance our program. Throughout the year I will inform you of items that can be recycled through the art room. In the last week or so we have received:-

  • ice cream containers
  • yoghurt tubs
  • small boxes
  • wallpaper offcuts
  • fabric scraps
  • assorted plastic lids
  • etc, etc, etc

reduce reuse recycle

The art room would really like to receive some magazines to fill up our magazine bin that is used all over the school.

The fabric bins are absolutely full so we don’t need any more fabric until further notice.

Thank you,

Shelley Menhennet