October 3


My students had an opportunity to draw up a poster for the Cambridge Primary School Art Show which will be on the 23rd ad 24th October – yes, just a few weeks away!!!!!

Here are the finalists!

I love the dotty lettering style on this one.

Art show poster drawing 8 2015

Art show poster drawing 8 2015

This one was huge and made by a beautiful pair of sisters showing off all their art skills. This photo just doesn’t do it justice.

Art show poster drawing 7 2015

Art show poster drawing 7 2015

More lovely lettering.

Art show poster drawing 6 2015

Art show poster drawing 6 2015

I love how this one has used the school logo.

Art show poster drawing 5 2015

Art show poster drawing 5 2015

And who doesn’t love glitter??? I certainly do! Well, I suppose Lucy, our wonderful cleaner, doesn’t like it much. And, as you can see, lot’s of it did end up on the hallway floor under where the posters were hanging on display.

Art show poster drawing 4 2015

Art show poster drawing 4 2015

And another with lovely lettering.

Art show poster drawing 3 2015

Art show poster drawing 3 2015

And how gorgeous is this parrot???

Art show poster drawing 1 2015

Art show poster drawing 1 2015And here is the

Drumroll please!

And the winner is, as decided by myself in conjunction with Ms Nadia Bettio, our Principal – Crystal!

Congratulations Crystal and Ms Bettio and I both thought your art show poster was amazing. And the fact that you drew ME so beautifully at the bottom of your poster was just the icing on the cake. It is a stunning drawing – well done!

Art show poster drawing 2 2015

Art show poster drawing 2 2015

I am looking forward to seeing your poster up around school and on the front of the art show program. And, apparently, your poster is going to be put on a giant sized board at the front of our school – whoo hoo1

I’ll take some extra photos and upload them when I get the chance! Well done everybody!

July 21


I always like to start off the year with a drawing activity and this is what I came up with for the Grade 3’s this year.

They had to choose a coloured circle from the pile, any colour they liked. They could then paste it anywhere on their A4 piece of cartridge paper and then turn it into’ something?!?!?!?! using their imagination and their drawing skills. I told them that I wanted to be impressed by what they came up with as they were now in Grade 3 and I would not accept a drawing that didn’t have the background filled in. This then lead to a discussion about horizon lines, where the sky meets the ground or the buildings or whatever is in the way, and I threw in my old favourite question – “WHEN YOU LOOK OUT THE WINDOW CAN YOU SEE ANY WHITE PAPER????” No, because everything is filled in and there aren’t any gaps – well something along those lines anyway. There always seem to be a few nodding heads and “Eureka” looks on faces whenever that old question is aired so I keep asking it whenever this sort of discussion comes up.

And in the end I was quite impressed with their drawings and utterly stunned that I only got one Angry Bird – and he is quite cute. I thought that would be the first thing they would think of!

They used textas or zoom crayons to complete these drawings.

A few children asked if the could do something to the circle and the answer, of course, was yes. A few folded them and a few cut them.

I think this one might have been torn so the Ninja could see!

A fancy teddy bear handbag out in the sunshine!

I love the cat’s shadow cast by the sun – just brilliant for grade 3!

Such a wonderful train – Jester your drawings are always fantastic!

This gorgeous turtle has laid some eggs.

There were fewer sunsets than I though there would be. I like how the sun looks a bit sleepy!I was so surprised to see several Pacman drawings. I wouldn’t have thought these children would know that game at all!

When you lift up the green bird’s wing she has other little baby birds hiding under there – too cute!

This magnifying glass is enlarging the tiny ants walking across the grass from the left.

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