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24th August 2020 – 28th August 2020



This is week 7 of Term 3 2020 and all my Grade 1  students are remote learning at home!


This week we are going to be doing some Visual Arts learning about PATTERN.

There are patterns everywhere around us.

There are patterns in the park.

There are patterns in the supermarket.

There are patterns on a farm.

There are patterns at the market.

I am absolutely positive there are patterns in your house too!

Perhaps on the floor?

Or in the bathroom?

Hmm! I want you to go for a walk around your house and see how many patterns you can find.

I will wait right here until you get back. Take as much time as you need. You might want to make a list.

Are you surprised at how many patterns you found around your house?


Well now you have had a good look at the patterns around your house I want you to draw 4 of those patterns. Perhaps you can draw your favourite patterns you found around your house?

Take a piece of paper,

any piece of paper will do, and fold it into four spaces.

So, fold the paper in half. Press on the crease and then fold it in half again. Press on the crease. You should now have a piece of paper with four spaces in which to draw.

fold paper into four


You can use pencils,

or crayons,

or textas.

Some people call textas, markers.

Draw a different pattern in each of the 4 spaces on your paper. FILL THE SPACE with your pattern.

If your pattern has lots of detail try to put as much of it into your drawings as you can.

I will put a folder on Class Dojo for you to put your 4 fantastic patterns in.

Your Specialists Rich Task was due at the end of last week. If you need the instructions for the Rich Task you can find them on the Week 5 blog post. If you can’t find the Week 5 blog post there is a link to it in the sidebar of the blog in the section called Recent Blog Posts.

 You also need to ensure you have submitted any other work for your  Specialist teachers that is evidence of your participation in remote learning, into the correct place.

If you enjoyed the looking for patterns or want to tell me anything else you can always post a comment at the end of this blog post.

If you don’t know how to post a comment I gave you instructions on how to do this on the week 5 blog post.

Have fun looking at patterns,

from Mrs Menhennet

Here are the 4 different patterns the grade 1 students found around their house.

Aliya 1G 4 patterns 2020

Atmika 1G 4 patterns 2020

Aahil 1G 4 patterns fromm your house 2020

Mishca 1G 4 patterns 2020

Saazdeep 1F 4 patterns 2020

Chanelle 1F 4 patterns 2020

Vohan 1F 4 patterns 2020

Connor 1F 4 patterns 2020

shvath 1F 4 patterns 2020

Aala 1F 4 patterns 2020

Natalie 1F 4 pattern 2020

Jordyn 1F 4 PATTERNS 2020

Hadi 1F 4 patterns 2020

Peyton 1F 4 patterns 2020

Zane 1F 4 patterns 2020

Yuvansh 1F 4 patterns 2020

Raam 1F 4 patterns 2020

A m 1D 4 pattern 2020

Ruvee 1D 4 patterns 2020

Bilal 1D 4 patterns 2020

Harper 1D 4 patterns 2020

Rithul 1D 4 patterns 2020

Bei Bei 1D 4 patterns 2020


Kiara 1D 4 patterns 2020

Lewis 1D 4 patterns 2020

Navitha 1D 4 patterns 2020

Jon 1D 4 patterns 2020

Josh 1D 4 patterns 2020

Aggam 1E 4 patterns 2020

Flynn 1E 4 patterns 2020

Sage 1E 4 patterns 2020

Mason1e 4 PATTERNS 2020

Sam 1E 4 patterns 2020

Zimal 1E 4 patterns 2020

Oscar 1E 4 patterns 2020

Allen 1E 4 patterns 2020

Aydin 1E 4 patterns 2020

Thomas 1G 4 patterns 2020

14 thoughts on “GRADE 1 WEEK 7 TERM 3 REMOTE LEARNING 2020

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Grace,
      What was it that you fond good on my blog post?
      Just writing the word good doesn’t tell me very much.
      Have you found lots of patterns in your house.
      I can’t wait to see your drawing of 4 patterns.
      from Mrs Menhennet

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Affaan,
      I’m sure you found lots of patterns around your home.
      Did you find patterns on socks?
      Or on curtains?
      Or on carpets or rugs
      I am staring at a pattern right now.
      My school bag has tubes of paint all over it in rows. They make a colourful pattern on the outside of my bag.
      I can’t wait to see your drawings of 4 patterns.
      from Mrs Menhennet

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Fahila,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed doing your rich task.
      I will try to have a look at it today.
      from Mrs Menhennet

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Aliya,
      I hope you have fun searching for patterns.
      from Mrs Menhennet

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Kaiden,
      I knew you would find patterns all over your house.
      Don’t forget to upload a photo of your drawing of 4 patterns when it is finished.
      from Mrs Menhennet

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Oscar,
      I am happy that you like art.
      Did you find lots of patterns at your house?
      from Mrs Menhennet

  1. Jimmy Clark

    I found 14 patterns in and outside my house 14 patterns are a lot of patterns I can’t Believe
    It From Jimmy C

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Jimmy,
      I’m impressed with you finding 14 patterns.
      If you counted the patterns on socks and shirts and shorts and other clothing in your wardrobe you would end up with more than 14 patterns.
      Keep looking and thinking like an artist.
      from Mrs Menhennet


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