April 23


Hello to all my Grade 4 students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

avatar Shelley Menhennethello word in block letters with exaggerated 3D shadows

I can’t believe it is Week 3 of remote learning already!


We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning around the topic of CELESTIAL BODIES!

What are celestial bodies? Well CELESTIAL means relating to the sky or OUTER SPACE. So celestial bodies are planets, asteroids, stars and comets. It’s just a fancy name for them.

People have always been fascinated by what they see in the sky and they have used this for inspiration in their artworks.

Artworks have been made celebrating The sun and the moon and the stars for as long as people have been making art.

This is an ancient aboriginal rock painting  with the sun and stars.

Here are some artworks for you to look at that I put under the topic of celestial bodies.

Sometimes the artists use more than one at a time. For example they put the sun and the moon together.

Some artists have even made 3D sculptures of celestial bodies.

This is a link to my pinterest board with lots more celestial bodies for you to look at. There is metalwork, jewellery, felting, drawing, painting, clay work, sculpture, etc.


Now we’re going to do some drawing!

Take a piece of paper, any piece of paper will do, and fold it into four spaces. So, fold the paper in half. Press on the crease and then fold it in half again. Press on the crease. You should now have a piece of paper with four spaces in which to draw. You will just need a grey lead pencil to draw with.

fold paper into four


grey lead pencil

grey lead pencil

Everybody should be ready to draw now.  You only need a grey lead pencil.

I DON’T want to see any COLOUR!

I don’t expect to see the best drawings you have ever done in your life. These are ROUGH DRAFTS. You are just practising and playing with ideas!

Please don’t be too hard on yourself and think you have made mistakes. DON’T USE A RUBBER! Just DRAW. I only want you to spend about 5 MINUTES drawing each of the 4 drawings. I would really like you to use your imagination and just go for it!!!

You need 4 sections because I want you to do 4 drawings!

Drawing 1 – Draw the sun. Try to give the sun some character.

Drawing 2 – Draw the moon. Is the moon full or only a half or a quarter? Perhaps it has a full body? Perhaps it has a neck, shoulders and arms?

Drawing 3 – Draw a star. Use your imagination.

Drawing 4 – Draw a group of celestial bodies together. How can you link them together? Are they holding hands? Are they leaning on each other?

When you have finished your 4 drawings –

  • put the numbers 1-4 on each one so I know which is which

  • put your name and grade on your paper

  • photograph your drawing using your device

  • email it to me            shelley.menhennet@education.vic.gov.au

  • That’s it!


I hope you enjoyed this drawing activity even if you were only drawing some rough drafts. I look forward to working with you in Week 4 when we will explore celestial bodies in visual arts further.


Mrs Menhennet

And don’t forget you can always leave a comment!  : )

Here are the 2020 students rough draft drawings.

Tanisha 4C cb

Taimoor 4B cb

Nash 4B cb

muhammad 4E cb

Khloe 4D cb

Ellie 4E cb

Eliza 4C cb

Brody 4E cb

Cathy 4C cb

Claire 4F cb

Reshmi 4D cb

Akashi 4F cb

Amelia 4E 4

Mehek 4A 2

Cooper 4F 1

Alicia 4C 1

Vivienne 4A CB

Gavin 4D CB

Jasper 4D 2

Luke 4B cb

Meagan 4D cb

Thraya 4F cb

Reyansh 4F cb

Mehtab 4F cb

Kaleb 4D cb

Jemma 4B cb

Tahila 4C cb

tyrone 4F cb

Simra 4A cb

malakey 4F cb

Faruk 4C cb

Jowan 4C cb

Eeshan 4B cb

Natalie 4C cb b

Swathi 4F cb

Brydon 4E cb


Amelie 4E cb2

Amelie 4E cb

Maddison 4E cb

Abdul 4E cb

Charli 4D cb

Kelly 4D cb

Tyson 4A cb

Tayla 4A cb

Jayden 4D cb

Jiya 4b cb

Martina 4B cb

Shreyan 4C cb

Gavin 4D cb

Ramsha 4D cb

Natalie 4C cb

Neil 4A cb

Niya 4C cb

Ashvin 4E cb

japreet 4D cb

Breanna 4C cb

Isaiah 4 cb


Alannah 4D cb

Ridhi 4A cb

Nash 4 cb2

Charli 4D cb

Yaksh 4C cb

Jowan 4C cb

Cooper B 4F.jpeg

Dante 4E cb

Shreyan 4C cb

Ellie 4E CB

Advika 4E cb

Yashas 4C cb

Adrita 4F cb

Tana 4 cb

Taimoor 4 sun

Ramsha 4D cb

Mohammad R 4 cb

Eliza 4C cb

Natalie H 3 sun

Tayla G 4A cb

Tanisha 4 cb2 jpeg

Jiya 4B cb

Kelly 4D cb

Jayden 4D cb

Tyson 4A sun

Nash H 4 cb

Cathy 4 cb

Claire 4 cb


  1. Gavin

    1. Blinking sun with tongue sticking out.
    2. Sleeping moon.
    3. Falling star.
    4. Planet Jupiter with comet, asteroid and star.

    1. shelleymenhennet (Post author)

      Hi Gavin,
      Are you telling me what you are going to draw for your rough draft?
      When you have finished drawing your rough draft I would like you to email it to me please.
      I will then put the photo of your drawing up on the blog post.
      Mrs Menhennet

  2. Savinu Liyanage

    Hi Miss Menhennet
    I don’t know what the two idea drafts are.
    Could you please tell me?


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