March 17


I  updated my art room expectations at the start of 2019.

I used to have a set of art room rules which I had worked on so they were positive statements rather than negative and I was happy with them for a long time but I realised I only referred to them at the start of each term and that was it.

In my quest to make the students more responsible for themselves and their actions I thought that a shorter rules list would be better and I found this one which I used in 2018. I got it from Miss JeMa on TPT. I used it although for me, I thought there were things missing , like RESPECT, which is one of our Cambridge Primary School Values.

art room expectations miss JeMa

So I created my own, as although there were things that I thought were missing from the expectations list I used in 2018, I didn’t want to end up with another looooooooong list. I wanted it to be short, easy to remember, and easy to refer to, so the expectations would become a living part of the Visual Arts room in every session. This is what I came up with.

art room expectations 2019 poster

Now I know, ideally, these sorts of expectations should be negotiated with the students BUT as my Visual Arts sessions for all year levels Prep to 6 were cut down to 1 semester only per year, effectively cutting Visual Arts time at my school in half, I need to take short cuts wherever I can. I figured that as the students would be busy negotiating expectations in their own class rooms that I would just present the Art Room Expectations and discuss them to ensure every student’s understanding of them and then we moved on. They were accepted readily and the changes from last year noted.

job done tick

I then copied an A5 sized version for each student, without the coloured background. The students then had to glue it into their Visual Arts Journal and bring it to me and we signed and dated it together as their ‘official’ agreement to the Art Room Expectations. This was such a simple idea but has reinforced their importance to the students. 

Art room expectations in journal 2019

Grade 4 student Kim, has glued Art Room Expectations into journal and then drawn a decorative border after we looked a the work of MC Escher.

I now refer to the expectations frequently during all art sessions and have done simple reflections at the end of sessions such as – 

“Which Art room Expectation/s do you think you always do?” 

“Which Art Room Expectations do you still need to work on?”

As the 2019 Art Room Expectations  have been such a success I am now considering if, and how, they will need to be modified for my Prep – 2 students in semester 2.

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