November 17


Firstly, the Principal’s write up about the Art Show in her column in the school newsletter!!!

Congratulations to Shelley Menhennet and Susie Blake for the amazing job they did on the Art Show and leading up to it. Having spent some time at the Art Show, I was overwhelmed by the response from the community who attended the Art Show! It was a magnificent celebration for our community; there was so much positive feedback, and events such as this build our school into a stronger and more united communi-ty. The Art Show was a fabulous reminder of what a very special place Cambridge Primary School is and what very special and amazing people we work with.

Thank you Meenah!

And now for the School newsletter item!

Art Room News

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank you to all the wonderful families and friends that came to the Cambridge Primary School Biennial Art Show 2013! It was a huge success. I spoke to parents I have known for years and years and parents who were brand new to the school and everything in between and it was terrific to hear your support and praise for the Visual Arts Program. I especially liked all the “Oohs,” and “Aahs,” as everyone came round the corner and entered into the huge space in the middle!It was fantastic to see all of your smiling faces and especially the faces of all your children, grinning PROUDLY from ear to ear. And the children of Cambridge Primary School should be proud of themselves as their art work looked magical, on display, for everyone to see.

As you have probably already heard the Art Show, as announced at assembly on Monday morning, was a SELL OUT! Ms Cascone bought up so much work for Ms Marchbank that there was way too much for her to decorate her house with, so she sent lots of pieces back to school, and they are SLOWLY being distributed back through the classrooms. If your child has not received their work back yet, don’t panic! Mrs Blake and I have only had around 2000 pieces of work to distribute so it has all taken a bit longer that we thought to send it all home!

Thank you to those families that did buy their child’s art work. We were astounded when the count was done on Monday morning that the art sales alone had raised almost $1000. Most of this money will be used to buy some wooden weaving looms of assorted sizes for the children to use in the Art rooms.

Thank you to the Junior School Councillors for helping out when Mrs Blake and I thought we might not get all the work up in time. Thank you to Ms Mason ( and cute Estelle) and Ms McKenzie who came in to school in their own time to help us with the set up. Thank you to Ms Cascone, Mrs Hardy and Charlotte who came in especially to help us with the pack up. And thank you to Amy and Sarah Blake and Sam, Sebastian and Georgia Menhennet who worked long hours, both at school and at home, to support their exhausted, cranky mothers. It’s hard work being a teacher’s kid some-times!!!

I am really looking forward to the next art show, in two years time, and all the parents who said they would like to help out next time and will join me on the 2015 Art Show Committee. It will be fantastic to have so many willing helpers on board. And this is a picture of what I lloked like when I got home from the Art Show on the Saturday afternoon!



ART ROOM HELPERS If you would like to help out in the Art room
just come and see me and we will book a time that suits you.
You don’t have to book in for the time that your child is in the
Art room and you don’t need any special skills, just a willingness
to help out, and some time to do it.
It will give you the opportunity to experience one of our
specialist programs up close!

Don’t forget the BLOG – New art show photos on the blog soon – only about 1000 photos to go through first!?!?!?!


DONATIONS – Thank you for all the donations that keep arriving at the main art room. We love to reuse and recycle!


CDs (scratched ,not working or just a terrible singer, it doesn’t
really matter as we will be using them for WEAVING
(We have only received three but need many more!!!)


CLEAN plastic bottle TOPS and LIDS (I’m starting to save them for a big project for next year!)
JUNK OBJECTS FOR PRINTING (keys, buttons, spools, buckles, zips, cogs, screws, kitchen utensils, cutlery, clean sponges,etc, etc) Anything you can think of that would make an interesting impression in paint!
And anything else you can think of that you would like to donate!!!

Thank you!

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