July 27

Grade 4 Picasso face paper collage

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 26

I am currently sitting at Aquapulse, the new aquatic centre in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, typing this blog post. My 12 year old daughter Georgie and her friend Natalie are screaming down the giant waterslide as I type! I am sitting high up in the tiered seating area looking ridiculous, all rugged up for winter, with my laptop on my knee, while everyone else is strutting around in their bathersI This is all rather weird but such are the weekend pursuits of a hard working Primary Art Teacher!!! Multi tasking is my middle name!!!

aquapulse waterslide hoppers crossing victoria Australia

aquapulse waterslide hoppers crossing victoria Australia

I don’t know what Pablo Picasso himself would think of these face collages below but I just love them.

pablo Pixcasso Picture

Pablo Picasso Picture

picasso altar boy

picasso altar boy

Picasso Mother

Picasso Mother


First of all I showed the grade 4 students a range of portraits created by Pablo Picasso which I had on my Pinterest board, on the projector. I also had several Picasso portrait prints hanging up in the art room. The students happily discussed how interesting they were and how his portrait style had changed over time. Why do you think Pablo Picasso displaced so many facial features in his portraits? How does this make you  feel? What about his use of colour? A portrait is usually a likeness of another person. What does this say about the displacement of the facial features on these portraits? Well done Grade 4s for your fabulous discussions!



Picasso Dora Maar

Picasso Dora Maar



We also briefly looked at Weeping Woman as she is very famous in Melbourne as the National Gallery of Victoria owns her and she was stolen from the gallery in 1986. You can read more about that here.

Weeping Woman Picasso National Gallery of Victoria

Weeping Woman Picasso National Gallery of Victoria


National Galery of Victoria water wall

National Galery of Victoria water wall

Anyway, after looking and discussing I explained to the students that they were going to be creating their own Picasso style collage. In the past I had done this activity with grade 4 and just got them to draw a Picasso-ish face and I had also done this activity using cut out facial features from magazines. Both times before the students had stated that drawing or putting the facial features into the wrong positions was extremely difficult to do.

Zart Art Face Pack Paper

Zart Art Face Pack Paper

This year I had discovered this paper on the Zart Art website and knew it would be perfect for this activity.

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 1

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 1

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 2

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 2

So the procedure was

  1. Collect A4 cartridge paper from the resource table.
  2. Draw a head and neck on the A4 paper nice and large. (What do we say – FILL THE SPACE!)
  3. Colour the face using oil pastels. Natural skin tones were optional and up to the individual artist.
  4. Select and cut out desired facial features carefully from Zart Art sheets (that had already been trimmed down into quarter of their A3 size – hey, I’m not silly! And don’t massacre twenty seven eyes just to get to the one you want in the middle of the sheet. Cut out carefully and place leftovers from sheet you are cutting back into the EYES plastic pocket so somebody else can use them! Yes, sometimes the instructions have to be this basic to protect the expensive materials!)
  5. How many facial features can you have? How many do you need? Why? “I want more than one mouth because my person talks a lot!” “I need to give my person 5 ears ’cause they always listen to gossip!”
  6. Glue your facial features into their displaced positions.
  7. Is your person bald? What are you going to do about hair?
  8. Cut out your person carefully and mount them on an A4 piece of coloured cover paper.
Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 3

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 3

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 6

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 6

Most of the grade 4 students are now working on their next collage which is again based on Picasso’s portraits but A3 size, incorporating different types of cardboard to create (hopefully) layered facial features! I will write up a blog post on these when they are done.

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 4

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 4

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 19

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 19

Well, as already stated, I just love these and hope you do too.

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 23

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 23

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 31

Grade 4 Picasso simple collage 2015 31


October 3



These lovely geometric shape collages were completed by the Grade 1 children earlier this year.

Grade 1 shape collage 2013 25

I had done this sort of activity  several times in the Art Room over the years and I’m always amazed with what the children come up with.

Grade 1 shape collage 2013 46

I purchased the fantastic double sided cardboard mosaic pieces from Zart Art, which I had used before, including the lovely shimmery squares you can see in the butterfly above, and was thrilled to find they also had packs of patterned triangles which were new.

Grade 1 shape collage 2013 54

I was horrified to find the triangles came in sheets which I had to press out myself (as they were a little too delicate for the children to do if I wanted them to stay triangular!) so I spent one lunchtime breaking up the whole packet of sheets. This was quite a zen/bizarre/ almost therapeutic activity I found which wasn’t as time consuming as I thought it would be. Next time I’ll probably get some older helpers to do it for me so I don’t totally lose my mind! It was much better than cutting up triangles myself like I used to do!!!

Grade 1 shape collage 2013 58 

I absolutely love the woolly sheep above! I found the circles and the blue/white squares with rounded corners in a box in the store room! Who knows where they came from but they must have been offcuts from something that were donated from a parents work place?!?!?! And I just love recycling!!!!

Grade 1 shape collage 2013 81

And this elephant was gorgeous – I just wish I had taken a better photo of it!

Grade 1 shape collage 2013 98

self portrait as a minecraft characterI was told that the person above was a self portrait as a MINECRAFT game character!!!

I put away a lot of these for the Art Show coming up at the end of October. I hope they have survived the storage!

Grade 1 shape collage 2013 89

I hope you enjoy this lovely gallery of shape collages by children who were only in their first few weeks of grade 1 at the time of their creation. Please leave a comment below as all bloggers love to know there is somebody out there! Or you could even become a follower!!! Just click on the follow me button in the sidebar.



July 22


I created this display with the hands made by the Grade 1’s to get the year started off with a lovely activity and a lovely display!

Hands up for art

Hands up for art 2

The children traced their hands and arms, or asked a classmate to do it for them and then decorated them with patterns using the zoom crayons.

The following week they painted their hand using watercolour cakes(or blocks, whatever you like to call them).  The grade 1’s had not used these before so needed to be taught to wash their brush when they were changing colours so the cake of watercolour did not become muddy.

I also insist that they look after the water pots themselves and if the water is too dirty they just go and empty it and refill the water pots themselves without asking me. This always results in a few water spills at the beginning (big deal, it is just water!) so we then discuss why the spill has occurred (rushing, too much water in the container) and what we do when they occur (put newspaper down immediately to help soak up the water and make the spillage more visible for others in the room and then clean it up as quickly as possible) and the spillages soon stop. It is all worth it in the end as I strive to make the children clean up after themselves. I am always stupefied by the number of children at Grade 1 level that have NO IDEA how to turn on a tap! This is all part of the learning process of being responsible artists!

I did not tell them that the crayon would resist the watercolour but waited until someone noticed it before we discussed it. “What’s happening here? Why isn’t the paint covering that crayon pattern?”

When they were dry cutting them out was the next challenge so I demonstrate how you can turn the paper while you are cutting slowly, a revelation for most grade 1’s, so you don’t just chop off all the fingers!

I ummed and aahed about how to display them and then settled on a circle. I layered them on the display board and tried NOT to staple the hands and fingers so they would move in any breeze that wafted past. I was going to put the sign in the top left corner in the middle but then found the bit of gold corrugated cardboard  in the scrap box, added some cupcake wrappers for eyes (we used to call them patty pans when I was a kid) and it turned into a beaming sun, so appropriate as the start of the year was so very hot!

Thank you for the inspiration from this picture on Pinterest. I absolutely adore Pinterest!

I also saw this one on Pinterest too which has obviously been created by much older children.Thanks for looking and I would love it if you left a comment!


April 26

Grade 1 Squares Collage

The grade 1 children really enjoyed doing these collages made with squares last term. They had to choose two colours and two sizes and then make a pleasant arrangement with them. They could overlap the squares. After looking at, and discussing a few examples they were ready to start and completed these in one session.

I precut the small squares, the larger squares are just the smaller size kinder squares you can purchase easily and the children used glue sticks to attach the squares to an A3 black piece of cover paper.