July 16




Hello to all my Grade PREP students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

hello word in block letters with exaggerated 3D shadows

This is week 2 of Term 3 2020 and all my Prep students are at home!

This is not the way I usually work with Prep students to teach them about Visual Arts but we will be doing this for a few weeks until it is safe to attend school again.

Until then, we will be learning like this – online – using my blog!

You have probably seen me at school. You might even have met me when I have been on Yard Duty or I have visited your classroom.

Yes, it’s me – Mrs Menhennet! Most Cambridge Primary School students that know me, recognise me with my multicoloured hair!!!

Cambridge Primary School Prep students always ask me, “Mrs Menhennet, how come you have all those colours in your hair?”

And I always tell them, “I don’t know. It just grew like that!”


We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning around the topic of  self portraits !

What is a self portrait?

A portrait is a picture of a person.

A SELF portrait is a picture of ??????????

Yes, that’s right – a self portrait is a picture of yourself!

Okay, we are going to be drawing a self portrait soon so you will need some paper,


some pencils,

or crayons,

or textas.

Some people call textas, markers.

And I would really like it if you had a small mirror so you can look at yourself.

So I am going to give you a little bit of time to organise yourself.

I will just sit here on my blog and wait for you to collect some pencils and textas, some paper and, hopefully, a mirror.

If you don’t have a small mirror you can use to look at yourself perhaps you can move yourself to draw on the floor  somewhere in your house, maybe in the bathroom, where there is a big mirror,

so you can use the big mirror to look at yourself.

So I will just wait until you are ready……..

Oh, you are ready already! That was so fast! Well done!

So while you were getting ready to draw I found a beautiful story to share with you so let’s watch the video.

If you need to stop the video at anytime you can just press the pause button

and then come back to the story.

Oh, okay, okay, you already knew that! I’m sorry I forgot how clever Cambridge Primary School Prep students are!





Oh, that was a fun story about all sorts of faces.

Now I would like you to get your small or big mirror

and have a very good look at your face!

Can you see your beautiful eyes?

What colour are they?

Can you see your eyelashes?

Are they light or dark?

Are they short or long?

Are they curly or straight?

Can you see your eyebrows?

Are your eyebrows neat and tidy or crazy and all over the place?

Eyebrows are great for adding expression to your face.

What do your eyebrows do when you make an angry face?

What happens to your eyebrows when you make a surprised face?

Noses come in all shapes and sizes. It’s amazing how different they can be.


Mouths can also be very different.


Have you got all of your teeth?

Or are some of your teeth missing?

Now it’s time for you to draw your self portrait. I want you to draw a picture of you!


Have fun and have a positive attitude about your drawing. We are just practising!

This video made by the brilliant Mrs Hahn from Mini Matisse.blogspot.com will show you what to do.


I hope you had fun drawing your self portrait.

You don’t have to submit your drawing from this week.


Mrs Menhennet

Here are the Prep 2020 self portraits.