October 6


I have been whiling away the hours today on my favouite place on the net –PINTEREST!


Yes, today I made the decision that my Art board was too big and difficult to find things on so I began the process of making a whole heap of smaller art boards relating to particular topics I know I will use, For example,

 Art ideas Textiles


Art Ideas Drawing


and I even made some for particular artists

 Art ideas Van Gogh


Art Ideas Paul Klee

Of course, they are nowhere near finished so I have just added another job to my ever increasing, all my own fault, list of things to do!!!

I have now decided that I must be insane as the term holidays are over and I should be in bed!!!


March 20

Grade 4 Paul Klee Sinbad the sailor

Last year I looked at Paul Klee with the Grade 4’s.

 We discussed the backgrounds of his paintings, particularly Sinbad the sailo,r although we did look at others as well, and decided to try to make our own backgrounds like Paul Klee.

These backgrounds took a lot longer to finish than I thought they would but the children were totally absorbed while creating them. We made our foreground images using flouro paper and gel pens. When they were carefully cut out we raised them up using thick double sided mounting tape so they appeared to float on top of the background. The Grade 4 children were all very proud odf their finished work.