May 28




Grade 3 – Your sunflowers artworks (rough draft 4 sunflowers, rough draft vase of sunflowers, final sunflowers artwork) were due on the 24th May 2020!

Grade 4 – Your celestial bodies artworks rough draft 4 celestial bodies, rough draft of two ideas for final artwork, final celestial bodies artwork were due on the 24th May 2020!

Grade 5/6/E – Your Famous Artwork Recreation was due on the 11th May 2020!

You must submit all your artworks or your report for Semester 1 will state NEEDS ATTENTION in the Visual Arts section.

Hello to all my Grade 3/4/5/6/E students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

avatar Shelley Menhennet

I can’t believe it is Week 8 of remote learning already!

We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning around the topic of the WORLDWIDE HEXAGON PROJECT!


is an art project that started in Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in 2006 when some secondary school Visual Arts teachers got together over a coffee.

Those teachers wanted to come up with an idea that all their students could work on together and thus the Hexagon Project was born.

Now thousands of students from all over the world participate in this annual project.

Cambridge Primary School participates in the WORLDWIDE HEXAGON PROJECT every second year and has done since 2012.


Most students easily understand the meaning of independence.

You start off as a baby not being able to do much and eventually learn to feed yourself and dress yourself as you learn and grow.

Once you start school you are developing as a child and a student and increasingly doing all sorts of things by yourself.

Being INTERDEPENDENT is how we all DEPEND ON EACH OTHER in different ways.

We are all –

  • local citizens (family, Cambridge PS, neighbourhood, Hoppers Crossing)

  • regional citizens (Werribee, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

  • global citizens

connected to and INTERDEPENDENT on each other for so many things and in so many ways!

How are you connected to others by your INTERDEPENDENCE???

Here are 2 short videos for you to watch about INTERDEPENDENCE.

It is very clear that we all have a much greater understanding of our INTERDEPENDENCE in 2020 after being locked down at home in isolation for many weeks and having time to think about how much we rely on each other!

The WORLDWIDE HEXAGON PROJECT  for students from aged 4-18+ uses the shape of a hexagon as a way for students to reflect on their INTERDEPENDENCE in an artwork.

I want you to create an artwork, using whatever materials you like, in the shape of a hexagon, reflecting your understanding of INTERDEPENDENCE.

When your artwork is complete I want you to photograph your hexagonal artwork with your device and send it to me by Saturday 6th June 2020.

I will then mark that you have completed a hexagon shaped artwork onto Compass and this will become part of your Semester 1 report for 2020.

The hexagon template for your artwork is available here. You are encouraged to print this hexagon and trace it to use as a template so all hexagons are the same size.

I will then print up the photos of  all your hexagon shaped artworks and display them at Cambridge PS.

If YOU want your artwork to be part of the WORLDWIDE HEXAGON PROJECT for 2020 you need to upload the photo of your artwork onto ARTSONIA.  This is your choice. If you do not want to participate in the WORLDWIDE HEXAGON PROJECT you do not have to.


  1. Put your finished hexagon on a flat surface that is a different colour to your hexagon.

  2. Photograph your hexagon with your device holding your ipad flat and steady. Make sure you can see ALL your hexagon on the screen.

  3. Download the Artsonia app OR go to the Artsonia website.

  4.  Type in the access code NXRB-HBMR. Press login.

  5. Type your first name in the space provided. Your name will pop up with the first letter of your last name and your 2020 grade like this.      Shelley M (Shelley8939) Grade 4

  6. Click on your name  and you will be taken to a Welcome page.

  7. Click on add new artwork.

  8. Click on Hexagon Project 2020 for your grade level. Each grade level and Enrichment has it’s own project box .

  9. Click on the select image/video button to locate your photo on your device.

  10. Click upload now.

  11. Click accept.

  12. Give your hexagon a title.

  13. Click submit to teacher.

  14. You can enter an artist statement or press skip.

  15. Your hexagon image will appear and it will say that you have submitted your hexagon to your teacher for review.

Congratulations The uploading of your hexagonal artwork onto the Artsonia website must be completed by 30th June 2020 to be part of the WORLDWIDE HEXAGON PROJECT! 

Have fun!

Mrs Menhennet

2020 Hexagons are here!

Inaaya E hex

Emme 6D hex

Zunaira 6C hex

Nida 3E hex

Eden 3C Hex

Chase 3C hex


Ishmay 3C hex

Aditi 5F hex

Yevin 4E hex

Chelsea 3C hex

Jenessa 3B hex

Jack 4E hex

Caleb 5E hex

Tanisha 4C hex

Rayyan 5D hex

Anna 4D hex

Shilpa 3C hex

Charli 4D hex

Jowan 4C hex

Kelly 4D hex

Luke 4B hex

Aydin 4D hex

Cooper 3E hex

Swathi 4F hex

Dylan 3F hex

Wyatt 3B hex


Amelia $E hex

Ezekia 5A hex


Abby 3A hex

Joseph 3A hex

Stephanie 6C hex

Brandon 6B hex

Jimmy 6D hex

Danuli 3F hex

Krishna 6C hex

Sithika 6B hex

Reyansh 4F hex

Ariella 3a hex

Daniel 5A hex

Mahli 3A hex

Kareem 6E hex

Rhianna 6C hex

Areeb E hex

Amitoj 4a hex

Ben 4A hex

Cassidy 5B hex

Charlie 6A hex

Ebeneezer 4A hex

Ethan 5E hex

Gururaj 3C hex

Helena 5D hex

Karnik 3C hex

Mya 5C hex

Sanvi n3C hex

Tayte 3C hex

Zaina 5A hex

Scarlett 3D hex


Yaksh 4C hex

Charlotte 3C hex

Kahna 5D hex

Tienna 3B hex

Chalice 3A hex

Tyler 3A hex

Alisha 5F hex

Leah 5F hex

Yashas 4C hex

Ali 4D hex

Harry 6A hex

japreet 4D hex

Lenny 4C hex

Noor 4D hex

Ramsha 4D hex

Zaryab 4D hex

Aarav 3A hex

Aanya 3A hex

jasmin 3A hex

Aayan 3A hex

Cory 5B hex

Sasha 6E hex

Eeshan 4B hex

Raj E hex

Lenita 5C hex

Phong E hex

Yu Ning hex

Nina 3D hex

Syakir E hex

Anik hex

Xander E hex b

Tanishi 3E

Senaya E hex

Sarah 3D hex

Ruby 6B hex

Melisa E hex

Martina 4B hex

Maanya E hex

Luna 6E hex

krish 3D hex

Jayani 6A hex

Jasmin 3F hex

Jasmin 3F hex

Hemish 5F hex

Fetayel 3A hex

Dhairya E hex

Cooper B 3E hex

Bhrij 3E hex

Aakashi 4F hex

Sian 5E hex

Victor 3A hex

Sienna 3C hex

Rsanda 6E hex

Muhammad 4E hex

Luka hex

Liam 4C Hex

Jaivant 3D hex

Hasini 5F hex

Eliza 4 Hex

Charlee 6A hex

jemma 4B hex

Claire 4F.hex

Jiya 4B hex

caleb 5E hex

Joseph 3A hex

Zack 5C hex

Ben 3E hex

Yethmini 5E hex

Rayaan 4C hex

Jason 3D hex

Thraya 4F hex

Nate 6A hex

Tana 4F hex

Advika 4E hex

Simra 4A hex

Jimmy 6D hex 2

Ryan 5B hex

Anirudh 3B hex

Ashvin 4E hex

Advika 4E hex

Sia 5C hex

Taimoor 4B hex

Ramsha 4D hex

Erika 3A hex

Khiem 6C hex

Chanuka 3E hex

Devman 3E hex

noah 3E hex

Tylah 3E hex

Jenna 3E hex

Bhavana 6ZB hex

Gurnoor 6C hex

Terrence 6C hex

Kieran 6C hex

Jsmes 6D hex

Angela 6D hex

Fudail 6D hex

Shreyan 6D hex

Rachel 5B hex

Tasyla 6D hex

ZNabiha 6D hex

Aliya 6D hex

Dave 6D hex

Ryan 6D hex

Senuth 6D[eg

Lucy S 3E hex

Rayan E hex

Mahesha E hex

Aiden E hex

Andrei E hex

Emily E hex

Omio 3E hex

Aishmeen 6E hex

Ayaan 5A hex jpeg

Neil 4A hex

Emily E hex

Shreyan 4C hex

Mikayla 5A hex

Holly 5A hex

Natalie 4C hex

Kethan 5D hex

Isaac 5F hex

Hemish 5F hex

Neha 5F hex

Alex 5F hex

Theo 5F hex

Yasser 5E hex

Emma 5F hex

Kim 5F hex

Dani 4A hex

Alex 4A hex

Sidrah 6A hex

Ayub 6A hex

Ridhi 4A hex

Hannah Rose 5A hex

Jarosha 6E hex

Izhar 6E hex

Zephyr 6A hex

Jarosha 6E hex 2

Eugene 6A hex

Adish 6E hex

Jordan 5B hex

Harshana 6A hex

Joshua 6E hex

Arabhi 5D hex

Milla 5D hex

Breanna 4C hex

Marshall 5D hex

Isabel 4C hex

Arabhi 5D hex

Victoria 6C hex

Simrat 5C hex

Niya 4C hex. jpeg

Lisa 5C hex

Ayana 6C hex

Sanjana 5C hex