March 17


I have really missed writing on my blog!

I think about blog posts all the time and all the things i would like to try on my blog and my time just gets eaten and then they don’t happen.

Well, no more! I am going to try to do my blog posts FIRST from now on so they get done. They make me happy, they make my soul sing, so why shouldn’t they come first?!?!

Here I go!

Mr Happy

Well seeing I have realised it is St Patrick’s Day my smiley happy person should probably look like this!

St Patricks Day smiley

April 29



Here are some more photos from the Cambridge Primary School Art Show last year.


They sort of show how I set the display boards up in what we call the  Old Gym.  This was the first board they saw as they came in the door so was the obvious place to put Welcome to the Cambridge Primary School Art Show. Although it is a bit hard to see in this photo the word welcome is a photocopy of a WELCOME mat, to and the are just printed large in fancy fonts, the diamond shape is our Cambridge Primary School logo and the word show is an image I found on Google images which I enlarged on the photocopier and is sitting in the middle of the R in ART!


The visitors then turned right as the layout led them down a narrow entry – wide enough for prams, pushers and wheelchairs, of course.




View looking towards the entry – and yes. this is before we opened or I would have been crushed by the crowd!


in the photo above you can see a green rectangle. That was a trolley, camouflaged in green hessian, which had a PC with my blog running on it, for anyone to have a look at, before they walked through the Art Show. It was great to see lots of children showing the blog to their families. This is how it was set up below.


So after walking down that long tunnel the visitors turned left and saw Harmony Day kites  made by  grade 5 and 6 and  Wound and Woven Hearts made by the Preps. These were suspended from a net slung from the climbing frame which was at right angles to the wall, utilising part of the gym structure.




This is what the visitors saw in the centre of the gym. The climbing frame with the hearts hanging from it is in the top left of this photo.



I think my son Sam climbed up a ladder to take this shot!

And he then took this shot!


There were displays on tables.


As well as the floor.


And on the right hand side I had a slideshow of more that 1000 photos of children’s work from 2013 projected up onto the gym whiteboard.



Some of our fantastic helpers sitting right at the entry/exit handing out leaflets and collecting money from sales as all Art work on display was for sale at $2 per piece! You can see some of the lovely Monet bridges and lily ponds behind them.



I really had no idea as  to how I was going to set up the boards until they got there, as it was the first time I had to organise the Art Show, but it all worked out OK.

I will certainly be hiring more boards next time though as the school numbers are still increasing and I tried to put more than one piece of work up for each child.

My plan for next year is also to have a Committee so the organisational load can be shared and I’ll add in a raffle and some other ideas which were just too difficult to attempt for my first Art Show.

Thanks for looking,


December 3



 I just checked the cluster map on this blog – I do this nearly every day – as I love seeing all the magical places my blogviewers come from – and saw that one of my recent visitors was from MONOMOY ISLAND MASSACHUSETTS.

As I had honestly never heard of this place, I looked it up on google, and found it’s Wikipedia listing, stating that it is an uninhabited spit of land that over time has become an island, at the edge of Massachusetts.

So hello to all the seals and seagulls and birds and whatever else lives there and thanks for looking at my blog!!!!!

Or perhaps it was a passing ship????

In that case I suppose I should say Ahoy!

I just love looking at my cluster map! It just makes me happy!

Thanks for reading!



July 23


I have just added my blog to the ART TEACHERS BLOG DIRECTORY and the list is huge! If you are looking for information on Art Teaching this is probably the place to look!

Have Fun,



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