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Hello to all my Grade 3 students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

avatar Shelley Menhennet

I can’t believe it is Week 4 of remote learning already!

We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning around the topic of SUNFLOWERS AND VINCENT VAN GOGH!


But first let’s look at an amazing place in Paris called the Atelier Des Lumieres. Here you can view digital renderings of Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks on the walls, floor and ceiling! Enjoy!

And now, back to work! If you haven’t done the Week 3 activity yet please go back to Grade 3 Week 3 HERE.

Did you email your rough draft to me last week?

If you haven’t done that yet send it to me by email so I can put it onto the blog post. If you want to look at everybody else’s rough drafts, that is where they are, on last week’s blog post. Go to where it says HERE up above and it will take you there!

So by now you have looked at lots of images of sunflowers and you have drawn 4 rough drafts as well.


Your task for this week is to do another rough draft but just one this week. This time I want you to draw a vase of sunflowers.Because you have practised drawing sunflowers that are closed or a side view, try and include them in your vase of flowers. If you look at Vincent Van Gogh’s vases of sunflowers they weren’t all facing the front or all perfect. That is what makes them interesting to look at!

You can add a bit of colour to this drawing if you want but it is still a rough draft. Do not stress if it is not PERFECT!

So try to get a table top in your rough draft drawing so your vase isn’t floating in the air! If you draw a line across your paper about 1/3 from the bottom that will be fine. Now your table is the bottom third of the drawing. You need to draw the base of your vase below the top line of the table, not just sitting on it. Have a look at where Vincent Van Gogh put the bottom of his vase. Will your table cloth be plain or have a pattern?

What about the shape of your vase?

Will it be plain or patterned?

When you draw your stems will they be more interesting if they are all straight and perfect or a bit bendy and twisty?

The more detail you add to the flower heads the better your drawing will be. Look at the real sunflower photos to help you.

sunflowers in cambridge primary school garden 2015 12

sunflowers in cambridge primary school garden 2015 6

Have fun drawing your vase of sunflowers and remember that is not supposed to be perfect but a rough draft of your ideas.

Please email your vase of sunflowers rough draft to me at –


Next week we will do your final piece of sunflower art!


Mrs Menhennet

And here they are!

Sarah 3D vas

Krish 3D vas

Charlotte 3C vas 2

Chelsea 3C vas

Claire 3A vas

Diya 3A vas

Tyler 3A vas

Ansh 3A vas

Aarav 3A vas

Jacob 3D vas

Raima 3B 2vas

Emily 3F vas

Emily B 3C vas

Abby 3A vas

Erika 3A vas

reuben 3C vas

Kai 3A vas

Wyatt 3B vas

Dylan b 3F vas

Lucy S 3E vas

Lucy S 3E vas 1a

Noah 3Bvas

Sienna 3C vas

Joseph 3A vas

Lucy 3B vas

Jose 3B vas

Mia G 3f vas

Nida 3E vas

Cooper 3E vas

Charlotte 3C vas

Chalice 3A vas

Ben 3E vas

Zac 3A vas


Noah 3E vas

mahli 3A vas

Jason 3D vas

Joseph 3A vas

Bhrij 3E vas

Jaivant 3D vas

Danuli 3Fvas

Wajiha 3C vas

uka 3A vas

Emily 3C vas

Charlotte 3C vas

Charlotte 3C vas b

Ikuna 3B vas

Chloe 3D vas

Jasmin 3F vas

Chelsea 3F vas

Victor 3A vas

Karnik 3C vas

Chelsea 3C vas

Krish 3D vase draft

Kowkeb 3 vas

Jason 3D vas

Jaivant 3

Claire Briones 3A sunflowers 2




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