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This work is due by MON 11th MAY 2020!

Hello to all my Grade 6 students from Cambridge Primary School and whoever else might be reading this post.

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I can’t believe it is Week 3 of remote learning already!


We are going to be doing a bit of Visual Arts learning around the topic of FAMOUS ARTWORKS!

All grade 5 students at Cambridge Primary School learn about PARODIES of famous artworks. Below is a review of the learning you did last year on Famous Artwork parodies. After that is the work I want you to do for Visual Arts!

REVIEW of Visual Arts topic from 2019.

What is a PARODY?

The easiest way to understand a PARODY is to start with a musical PARODY.

When you take a piece of popular music and change it to make it funny you create a musical PARODY.

Sesame St is full of musical PARODIES.

Try this one.

And one of my favourites, Weird Al Yankovic, has made a career out of writing musical parodies and then creating the videos to go with them. He has been doing this for more than 30 years!

Hey! Wait a minute? What is all this music? Are we doing MUSIC in Visual Arts?

HEY word

Yes we are!

Now, back to Weird All Yankovic!

And for those who love Star Wars!

So now you understand what a musical parody is. It is easy to figure out what a famous art parody is. It is when you take a piece of Visual Art and recreate it making fun of it.

Here are some Mona Lisa Parodies.

In the past Cambridge Primary School students have created some very funny and interesting Mona Lisa parodies.

grade 5 mona lisa parody drawing 2015 26grade 5 mona lisa parody drawing 2015 25grade 5 mona lisa parody drawing 2015 24grade 5 mona lisa parody drawing 2015 2grade 5 mona lisa parody drawing 2015 21

Meanwhile here in 2020! (Yes, that means the review part is over!)

In this time of remote learning we are going to do something a little bit different!

I want you to choose a famous artwork and recreate it.

A lot of  people locked down at home have been doing this all over the world.

So what I would like you to do this week is spend some time looking at and thinking about famous artworks and deciding on which famous artwork you want to recreate.

So, do I want you to paint or draw something?

Instead you can use yourself or members of your family and dress them up to recreate a famous artwork. a bit like this.

Or you can use a different sort of material to recreate a famous artwork. Like this








More ideas are here on my Pinterest board.


Now, to complete this task is going to take –

  • thinking

  • imagination

  • researching

  • viewing

  • organisation

So I am going to let you use this week for thinking and researching and figuring out what you are going to do.

It is okay to change your mind during this process.

All good artists change and adapt their ideas as they think about and work on them. This is part of the artistic process and is not a mistake or to be looked on negatively.

So after you have done your researching, thinking and planning it is time to actually do it.

I would like all famous artwork recreations/parodies to be photographed and emailed to me

by Mon 11th May 2020.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

If you have any questions you can email me


If you can’t think of an art work here are some art collections you can look at.








Have fun,

Mrs Menhennet

And here they are!

Jimmy 6D rec

Jimmy 6D Escher Orig

girl with a pearl earring in lego

Riley 6B girl with a pearl earring recreation in lego

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