April 21


Here you will find a gallery of artworks created by Grade 3 students at Cambridge Primary School over the past few weeks.

recycled knitting nancy from cardboard tube with pink wool and long piece of pink knitting

Lucy 3E 1 knitting nancy


drawing watercolour pencil white capital letter N floating on multicoloured pastel coloured background

Nusaiba 3C 2



Nusaiba 3C 1 folded white paper with coloured pencil drawings of the earth on the folds and circular shape constructed with pink and yellow folded paper pieces

Nusaiba 3C 1

It also includes artworks created during Week 1 and 2 of term 2 2020. The Visual Arts task for week 2 for all grade 3/4/5/6/E students was to think about the many creative ways the students have used their time.

perler beads letters of name LUCY small owl small butterfly

Lucy 3E 4

Drawing snadcastle on the beach sea and sky in background

Jasmin 3A 1

over the past few weeks and to send me photos of these creative artworks. Perhaps they have been drawing, knitting, painting, making models, crocheting, making jewellery, printing, constructing, cutting, making collages, etc, etc, etc ???

Nusaiba 3C 3 drawing pencil texta paint Ramadan I love you red love heart outline tree apples falling to the ground

Nusaiba 3C 3 drawing pencil texta paint Ramadan I love you

I will continue to update these online galleries on this blog as students send photos of their artworks to me by email.

Lego doll house construction

Lucy 3E 2

Lego doll house construction

Lucy 3E 3

The students will be delighted if you leave a comment or a question about their artwork.


Shell Menhennet

Colouring mandala mindfulness

Aanya 3A 3

Colouring mandala mindfulness

Aanya 3A 2

colouring mandale mindfulness

Aanya 3A 1


Oscar 3D 1

Easter family painted footprints of three children aged 1 to 8 footprints

Wyatt 3B 1

grey lead pencil drawing friendly cartoon dog

Raima 3B 1

car construction

Paiten 3F 3

Paiten 3F 4

Mishika 3A 1

Lego construction

Paiten 3F 2

Paiten 3F 1

Dylan 3E 1

Ruby 3E 1

Ruby 3E 2

Reuben 3C 1

Mahli 3A 2

Charlotte 3C 1

Reuben 3C 2

Mahli 3A 1

Joseph 3A 1

Jacob 3D 3

Jacob 3D 2

Jacob 3D 1

Nina 3D 1

Lucy 3B 1

Lucy 3B 2

lucy 3B 3

Lucy 3B 4

Lucy 3B 5

Emily 3F1

Emily 3F 2

Emily 3F 3

Emily 3C 1

Emily 3C 2

Emily 3C 3

Emily 3C 4

Sarah 3D 1

Sarah 3D 2

Sarah 3D 3

Sienna 3C 1

Sienna 3C 2

Sienna 3C 3

Sienna 3C 4

Sienna 3C 5

Sienna 3C 6

Sienna 3C 7

Sienna 3C 8

Sienna 3C 9

Nida 3E 2

Nida 3E 3

Nida 3E 1

Nida 3E 4

Nida 3E 5

Nida 3E 6

Nida 3E 7

Toranda 3D 12

Mia 3F 1

Jose 3B 1

Noah E 3E 1

Cooper 3E 1

Cooper 3E 2

Cooper 3E 3

Cooper 3E 4

Mahli 3A 2

Mahli 3A 3

Ella 3B 1

Ariella 3A 1

Noah G 3B 2

Noah G 3B 5

Noah G 3B 3

Noah G 3B 4

Noah G 3B 7

Noah G 3B 1

Abby 3A 1

Chalice 3A 10

Chalice 3A 9

Chalice 3A 8

Chalice 3A 7

Chalice 3A 6

Chalice 3A 5

Chalice 3A 3

Chalice 3A 4

Chalice 3A 1

Danuli 3F 4

Danuli 3F 3

Danuli 3F 2

Danuli 3F 1

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