April 20


As the Visual Arts teacher at Cambridge Primary School I have decided to refresh my blog and use it as the space to display the  artworks created by my students during this strange, weird remote learning term 2 of 2020.

I will also provide details, procedures and videos for set tasks for different grade levels on my blog as the weeks of term 2 progress. All my students will be notified of set tasks for Visual Arts via their weekly grid sent out by their classroom teacher.  The entry for Visual Arts on the grid might say go to the Back Art Room Blog and provide a QR code link to take the student to the correct blog post.  Then on the blog I will provide them with the detailed instructions of the task to be completed.

The Visual Arts entry on the grid for Week 2 Term 2 just asked all grade 3/4/5/6/E students to email photos of the artworks they have been working on at home over the past 3 weeks. My email address is


In the Cambridge Primary School Newsletter I also said that I was more than happy to receive artwork photos via email from the Prep/1/2 students even though I am not teaching them this semester.

And hooray, hooray, several students have already responded! So I will try and get all of their wonderfully individual artworks up on this blog by the end of today so you can admire their creations!

Luckily for me I really enjoy working on my blog, yet rarely fit it in to my usually crazy, busy schedule.

And isn’t that a sad sentence to reflect on! That something I honestly really enjoy doing is almost never done because I am ‘too busy’ to fit it in! I do think that when we all are released from lockdown that we will all consider more what it is that makes us happy and will try to include these activities more in our daily lives.


Thanks for reading this post!

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