March 31




Students in Grade 3/4/5/6 have been looking at short videos and prints of the incredible artwork of M.C.Escher this week. Many students have asked me for links to utilise at home so they can see more of his work. I have listed some links below.

MC Escher Lizards

Escher reptiles

I am hoping to attend the ESCHER X NENDO exhibition at NGV International in St Kilda Rd this weekend. It is on at the gallery until the 7th April and has 157 of Escher’s awe inspiring artworks on display.

Esher sphere reflection Escher Studio

The exhibition has been designed by NENDO, a design group from Japan and so many people have said to me that the way the exhibition has been set up is as amazing as the artwork itself!

Feathers and Art JOURNAL covers 

Students in grades 3/4/5/6 are finishing up their beautiful feathers which are going to be used to create a mural on the display boards in the main hallway. It is utterly amazing how different they all are and just holding a handful together is stunning. I can’t wait until we have 600 on the display boards!Wings feathers Cambridge Primary School 2019Wings feathers Cambridge Primary School 2019

Wings feathers Cambridge Primary School 2019

This is the photo of Kelsey Montague’s street art we looked at which is on a wall in the city of Nashville, Tennessee.  She has also painted a pair of wings at Melbourne Central in the city. I wonder if you can guess what is going to happen to all the feathers the students have been making.

Kelsey Montague wings Nashville Tennessee




Art journal covers are being worked on next with each grade level creating their journal cover in a different way. I am looking forward to getting some of these on display as well. Last year’s display was excellent but I’m sure this year’s will be even better!

grade 6 art journal 2018 Cambridge Primary School pencil shavings


Art room helpers  – The Art Room still needs more helpers! Don’t be shy! I have plenty of art journals that need to be covered and display boards that need to be covered and pictures that need to be laminated, etc, etc, etc. You don’t have to book in for the time that your child is in the Art room and you don’t need any special skills, just a willingness to help out, and some time to do it.


Just see Mrs Menhennet for details.


What is an Art AMBASSADOR?

Being an Art Ambassador is an important and enjoyable leadership position. We help organise the materials in the art room like paints, pencils and textas as well as sort and store art work. We help clean during clay work by swe

Art ambassador 2019 Emma

eping up the dust and putting out clay mats. We clean and look after equipment like paint brushes so other students don’t have to do it in their art sessions. We help put up displays in the corridors and make display labels for them. The displays

always look stunning when we have finished! In 2018 the displays included things like clay work, the teeny tiny artworks, signs made by the Preps with plastic lids and many others. We even sometimes write up articles for the school newsletter!

By Emma Flower 6E CPS Art Ambassador

New ART AMBASSADORS announced soon 

Thank you to all the students in grade 5 and 6 that have applied to be Art Ambassadors in 2019. Applications have now closed and the new ambassadors will be announced soon. J


Our students and Art Ambassadors work hard to make and display our art work and we like to brighten up the hallways so they don’t look dull and boring. Please demonstrate our Cambridge Primary School value of RESPECT and respect other students work by NOT TOUCHING the displays. YoArt Ambassador Laurau are more than welcome to look and talk quietly about the artworks you can see but PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!

By Laura Jolley 6C CPS Art Ambassador J


Thank you so much for all the donations that enhance our program. Throughout the year I will inform you of items that can be recycled through the art room. In the last week or so we have received:-

  • ice cream containers
  • yoghurt tubs
  • small boxes
  • wallpaper offcuts
  • fabric scraps
  • assorted plastic lids
  • etc, etc, etc

reduce reuse recycle

The art room would really like to receive some magazines to fill up our magazine bin that is used all over the school.

The fabric bins are absolutely full so we don’t need any more fabric until further notice.

Thank you,

Shelley Menhennet

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